Ghee for Hair Loss & Growth

Although hair is not essential to life, it is of sufficient cosmetic concern to provoke anxiety in anyone when it starts thinning, falling or bald patches. To a woman the sight of a comb covered with lost hair can cause mental strain.

  • The average hair growth is about 1.2 cm per month.
  • Daily 70 to 100 strands of hair fall down nothing to worry when it exceeds then we notice thinning hair and bald patches.
  • Most people lose their hair in 30’s because at that time hormones in body will change due to unhealthy diet, lack of physical activities and some other reasons.


  • Inadequate nutrition
  • Lacking in vitamin B 6
  • stress, anxiety, depression
  • sudden shock
  • unclean condition of the scalp (weakens the hair roots by blocking pores)
  • heredity


  • Desi Ghee (2 to 3 table Spoons according to the length and volume of Hair)
  • Almonds 4 to 8 Pieces


  • Take sufficient amount of Desi Ghee according to your Hair volume and length.
  • Cut 4 to 8 almonds in to small pieces. (4 for short hair and 8 for long hair)
  • Put the almond pieces in the Desi Ghee in a Container and heat it on stove till Desi Ghee melts and almond pieces will turn in to black color.
  • Remove the container from the stove and allow it to cool down to the extent you can tolerate.
  • Massage this warm mixture of Desi Ghee + almond on your head skin with gently with the help on finger tips
  • Leave for at least 3 to 5 hours and then wash Hair with warm water.


  • It’s best to use pure desi ghee that is a direct extract from Milk.
  • Don’t heat desi ghee and alomds too long as desi ghee can catch fire. Just wait for almond to turn in to black color. It will just take 3 to 5 minutes for almonds to change their color.
  • The stove degree should be kept at medium in the start and then low down after 60 seconds.
  • You can filter out the black almonds before massaging desi ghee in to your hair.
  • Don’t use cold water to wash off Desi ghee from your Hair. Always use warm water.


This hair treatment will stop your hair fall and make them silky shiny and strong. Using this hair treatment every after seven or 14 days will not only help in hair restoration of falling hair but it will also increase hair growth.

It’s one of the very effective Hair Loss home remedies for both Men Hair Loss and Women Hair Loss scenarios. Constant use can help avoid baldness in older age.

Hair loss, Hair Fall & Hair Growth:

Below you can find some of  best  Best, Famous & Effective products which you can buy online directly on Amazon.

1. Maka Mahabhringaraj Oil: (OlTraditional Hair Oil)

Hair Oil

59 Years Old Traditional Remedy

Mahabhringraj oil is traditionally made from pure herbs like Bhringraj, Manjisth, Sariva, Hibiscus, Nagkeshar and other effective herbs.

Stops hair fall, promotes hair growth, stops Premature greying of hair. Reduces headache and ensures good sleep.

The formula of the oil is based on age old Ayurvedic script Bhaishajya Ratnavali. Nowadays youth and most of the people are suffering from greying and falling of hair. Mahabhringraj oil nourishes the hair roots preventing the above. Also hair fall activated in many diseases like fever, surgical procedures, delivery etc. stops by using this oil. Regular use of this oil strengthens hair, blackens it, removes dandruff and roughness of scalp skin and provides smoothness. Above all this oil is useful in headache, burning sensation of eyes, earache and beneficial for nostrils if oil put into it by drops. In Case of torticollis oil massage and fomentation to neck is beneficial.

Directions for use:

Take oil in palm and massage gently at the hair root level with fingertips. In burning sensation put a few drops of water in scalp and apply the oil. Oil must be put twice a week after a hair wash.

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2. Indulekha Bhringa Hair Oil: (Famous & Popular Hair Oil)

One of most famous and popular hair oil available in today’s market.

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  • This oil applicator comb attachment allows 100 percent medicament on to your scalp and distribute all over the head
  • Oiling is made super easy by the innovative Indulekha selfie bottle
  • A gentle squeezeand combing is enough to spread the Indulekha bringha oil on to all over the scalp
  • Lets bringha oil flow through hollow needles directly onto the scalp without losing oil on your hands and hair
  • It is easy and user friendly just like combing your hair

Other home remedies for baldness:

  • Indian gooseberry oil: Oil is prepared by boiling dry pieces in coconut oil. It is a valuable hair tonic for enriching hair growth. Another remedy with this is take equal quantity of both gooseberry and lime juice and use it as a shampoo. It stimulates hair growth and prevent hair loss.
  • Margosa: Margosa leaves are found beneficial in the treatment of hair loss or baldness. It kills lice and other infesting insects and also make the hair longer. If the hair has been falling or ceased, it should be washed with decoction of neem leaves (margosa).
  • Mustard oil and henna leaves: Take 65 grams of henna leaves and boil them in 250 ml of mustard oil. After that filter the oil through a cloth and preserve it in bottle. Massage your scalp with this oil regularly will produce abundant hair.
  • Coconut milk: Apply coconut milk all over the scalp massaging it into the hair roots is also beneficial in the treatment of loss of hair or baldness. It nourishes your hair and promote hair growth. Coconut milk is prepared by grinding the coconut shaving and squeeze them well.
66 replies
  1. Payel says:

    Namashkar sir
    I just want to say that previously i used to have long healthy hairs, but now i am suffering from hair loss. I have even used trichup oil, but have a doubt that ghee will be gud to use on sclap? Kindly suggest me a gud hairoil tht wud suit my hairs n also shampoo too

    • Gadadhar Das says:

      Namaste Payel ji,

      Hair Loss in women is now spread everywhere. Not in women but Hair Loss problems are on high alert in men too.

      In most of cases, hair loss root cause found in mental pressure or other issues related to it. However we may keep on trying external hair loss treatment but in most of cases no long term result until you resolve your internal root causes.

      Cow Ghee definitely gives result in Hair Loss problem and give good Growth to your hair but Cow Ghee has to be pure. You can’t get any ghee available in market and do experiment. We have seen very good result with Cow Ghee on Hair related problems.

      Regarding Hair oil, well, i would suggest, try to have hair oil which doesn’t contain White Oil used. Let it can be based on Amla or Bhringraj. Try to avoid chemical based shampoo as they can also increase hair fall.

      If you have any further queries, let me know here or drop message @ vedicgiftshop @ gmail dot com.


  2. sathiya narayanan k says:



    • Gadadhar Das says:

      in natural conditions Ghee can last for more than 6 months so these preparation could also remain for long. Just test will change to salty after some time and may have some smell but one can use it for external purpose.

      if climate not favourable than make fresh for a month only.

      For more suggestion drop us a message on whatsapp @ 8979892588

  3. Ravmeet kaur says:

    I have very long hairs but there is very bigProblem of hair faal so startd using ghee in my hairs but there is another problem occurs tht is the bad odour of ghee
    tell me the solutn for this prblm?

  4. Manisha says:

    Sir Gadadhar,
    My daughter 14, has developed a bad stubborn dandruff. Can I apply ghee on her scalp the same way as you mentioned here.
    I have tried onion water, neem, boric acid, aloe Vera , coconut oil, suhaga.
    It seems less for some days but again develops and spreads. She is itching and scratching all the time. Kindly help.

    • Gadadhar Das says:

      Dear Manisha ji, Namaskar,

      Please do apply lemon juice one spoon and coconut oil bit less than one spoon mixed together on scalp at night and wash hair in morning with Amla, Sikakai and Ritha Kaadhaa ( take row mention things, boil with water and when half water remain keep it to cool). Make this at night and wash hair with it in morning. Repeat it two times a week.

      For more tips on health join our whatsapp group by sending message @ 8979892588

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey jane
    Dubai water is nt gud for hair …hair fall….rough texture and dandruff is normal derr.. so take extra care of ur hairs…regular oil massage…and gud diet can help…

  6. zain says:

    Hello I have been living here in Dubai since last six months and almost 50% of my hairs have fallen in these six months. My hair have become too much thick and my scalp is much visible and my hairs are falling even i touch them. Having too much dandruff on my scalp. Kindly suggest me something.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dear sir , I just went through all the exchange of ideas and questions here. I wanted to know wether the cow ghee for hair growth will work if you have vitamin B6 , D E , eat deficiencies….

    I hv severe hair fall and I have been using medicated hair oils recommended by doc for about 5 years. But of late my hairs hv become more thinner and scalp is visible. What I have observed is that there is no growth in hair… There is heavy hair fall but there is no growth. Even the length of the hair is getting shorter . Please suggest wht has to be done.?

    Recently I read an article that a hormone testosterone is the cause for hair fall.? If so how to control this with food or naturally…?
    Thanking you,

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am 27 years old and had been taking hair treatment form Dr batra . its been 8 months but I am not seeing any positive signs of hair regrowth. I have thin rather very thin hair and my front scalp is visible between hair. I am tired of using products and intake if capsules. Pls suggest if u have any really effective remedy.

    • Sophia says:

      First of change from normal salt to black salt, 2nd use caster oil mix with almond oil use that 2-3 times week than wash but dont use conditioner, Loki juice mix with apple drink it 2-3 times a week. It will take around 8 weeks to see visible result. Good luck

      • pgarima says:


        I am in my early thirty and have the same problem as mentioned above. I have two queries pertaining to it:

        1) Can I mix the castor oil & almond oil with ghee and apply it to my hair?

        2) Currently I use a hair pack made of Shikakai & methi powder with banana before washing my hair. Should I continue with it?


  9. Hetal Shah says:

    My daughter is 12 years old and have long hair and suddenly started hair fall and 2 paches within 15 days. I went to to skin doctor and told me its infection and gave vitamin E and protine oral tablet and gave lotion and spray for paches so pls advise.

  10. Isha kumari says:

    I have a very severe hairfall . I’m of 20 year old . and my hair is so thin and looking bald .I’m getting worried about it.plse help me
    Is this ghee method is helpful?

  11. Supreet kaur says:

    I am 24yrs old and have to much thin hair form last 5 yrs can l use ghee 3 times a week to increase volume of hair it will increase my hair volume or not plz plz plz rply

  12. shiva says:

    1) Will dandruff be removed totally?

    2) Is hair regrowth possible by this i.e. can hair grow on bald head by this method?

  13. Rupa Patil says:

    m 40 plus, is it possible if i take treament form home made, like pure desi ghee apply, will i get my hair thick

  14. shalini says:

    About rubbing of scalp: after hair wash i heard tht hair root ll b weak since rubbing vigorously on scalp does not create further more hair fall!!!! ?

      • Manya says:

        Can we wash hair daily..few say washing hair daily results in hair loss and also stops producing natural oil… i have having very dry hair …is it good to wash dry hair daily ?? Please suggest me on this.

    • Gadadhar Das says:

      For the average person, who simply wants to shampoo his or her moderately-soiled hair, warm water is the way to go. Warm water allows the shampoo to most effectively remove the dirt and oils in the hair, and helps the conditioner smooth the hair and rinse away cleanly.

      However, there are cases where hot or cold water can have an added benefit. When the hair is heavily soiled with build-up of products or waxy substances, using hot water provides a better clean from the shampoo used. The heat and moisture help to expand the cuticle layer somewhat and can help conditioners to penetrate more deeply when applied to hair warmed by hot water. In these cases, the conditioner should be rinsed using tepid or cooler water.

      Cold water rinses after shampooing and conditioning help to tighten up the cuticle layer and can be beneficial for those who have problems with oily scalp and hair. The cold water helps to tighten pores and slow down oil production in the skin for a period of time following the rinsing. (Source:

    • Gadadhar Das says:

      We have heard and seen that regularly massaging 2-3 drops of Ghee on the sole of the foot helps in keeping hair black and healthy.

      Do it at least for a month or more to have batter result.


    • Gadadhar Das says:

      If Ghee is pure cow ghee and made from Clarified Butter then after massaging it in root of hair, it will be almost absorb in skull and no need to use water or shampoo. Leave one day and then apply some soft shampoo or wash hair with home made shampoo of Aritha, Amla and shikakai.
      Please let us know if you have any further query for the same or call us @ 8979892588


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