Cow Urine Therapy Benefits

The idea behind this article is to bring to focus, the science behind Cow Urine, Cow Urine Therapy and its countless benefits.

We have been taught a phrase quite early in life by the wise ones, and that is:

Do not accept anything blindly; Read / Listen / understand carefully, Analyze, Conclude and then Apply.

It has also been said by our elders:

Don’t consume anything that your great grandmother doesn’t approve of.

To start with, I would like to quote few lines by Srila Prabhupada, ISKCON, Vrindavan on “Holiness of Cows And their Precious Gift to the Human Race”

There is nothing which is more sacred or sanctifying than cows;

People should cherish cows for obtaining prosperity and peace. The supreme personality of Godhead Lord Krishna specifically mentions cow protection in Bhagwad-Gita

Without Cow Protection and Cultivation,  no human civilization or ethical values can prosper at length. In the Rig Veda, there is one whole section devoted to the cow. It is called “Go sooktham”. 

The Gomuthram( Cow urine) & the Panchagavyam are considered most sacred in the holy rituals & also for treatment of certain ailments. A cow is gifted away in “Go-Dhanam” to a sacred being. This is considered equal to giving a gift, the Gods of the entire 14 lokas, that the religion believes, exist.

It is recorded in our “Puranas” like the “MatsyaKavyam” and “Mahabharata”, that the Gods were immensely pleased with the birth of such a celestial animal, hence, each one of them occupied a part of the cow. Goddess Mahalakshmi, occupies the rear side, thus giving sanctity to the rear portion of the Cow. “

Ayurveda & Cow Urine

Being highly recommended by the scriptures, it is considered holy and safe to use. The original scriptures of Ayurveda consider cow urine to be the elixir of life.

Gavyam pavitram carasayanam ca pathyam cahrdyam balam buddhisyata
Aayuh pradam raktvikar haritridosh hridrog vishapaham syata

Meaning: Cow urine Panchgavya is a great elixir; it is a proper diet, pleasing to heart, giver of mental and physical strength & enhancer of longevity. It balances bile, mucous and air components of the body.

Cow Urine prevents heart diseases and removes harmful effects of a poison.

Cow Urine (Gomutra), is a natural antiseptic and in Ayurveda, it is known as ‘Sanjeevani’. It is most effective in treating all kinds of infections especially those of the kidney and liver.

Cow Urine: Chemical Composition

Cow urine balances the “tridosha”- in human body i.e. vata, pitta and Kapha.

Whenever we urinate, essential micronutrients are flushed out of our body. Cow urine meets the deficiency of these micronutrients and helps maintain its right balance

The Main Elements of Cow Urine and Their Function

Urea Strong antimicrobial agent.
Uric Acid Anti-microbial activity helps to control cancer.
Nitrogen Diuretic, stimulates kidney
Sulphur Purifies blood, increases intestinal peristalsis
Copper Controls fat deposition
Iron Production of RBC in blood
Sodium Purifies blood, checks hyperacidity
Potassium Appetizer, eliminates muscles fatigue
Other salts Antibacterial, prevents coma and ketoacidosis
Carbolic Acid Antibacterial, prevents gas gangrenes
Ammonia Integrity of body tissue and blood
Sugar-Lactose Heart, thirst, giddiness
Vitamin A,B.C,D, E Prevent excessive thirst, infuse vigor, increase potency
Creatinine Antibacterial
SwarnaKshar Antibacterial, improves immunity, acts as antidote
Enzyme-urokinase Dissolve blood clots, prevents heart disease, improves blood circulation
Colony-stimulating factor Effective in cell division and multiplication
Erythropoietin stimulating factor Production of RBCs
Gonadotropin Regulates  menstrual cycle& sperm production
Kallikrein Releases Kallidin which expands peripheral veins , reduces blood pressure.
Allantoin Heals wounds and tumours
Anticancer substances Prevent multiplication of carcinogenic cells
Phenols Bactericidal, antifungal

Diseases Cured by Cow Urine

Cow urine is basically an excellent germicide.

Therefore, all the diseases having originated from germs are destroyed through cow urine therapy. Cow urine has the ability to cleanse the system of toxins and acts as an antidote that protects the body from various foreign body attacks.

If consumed on a daily basis, it improves immunity to resists almost all diseases. Some of the diseases that are proven to be cured by cow urine include:

  • Cough
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Migraine or a headache
  • Constipation
  • Thyroid
  • Skin diseases like eczema, ringworm, and itching
  • Acne
  • Cancer
  • Aids
  • Lowers the levels of cholesterol
  • Relieves tension
  • Improves memory.
  • Enhance the functioning of the liver.
  • Slows down the process of ageing.
  • Gives strength to brain and heart.
  • Destroys the toxic effects of medicinal residues in the body.
  • Weight Loss

Gomutra (Cow urine) can also be used as an eco-friendly household disinfectant and natural insecticide.

Scientific Research on Cow Urine Treatment

As per the research done by Spiritual Science Research Foundation, an NGO registered in USA and Australia,

The spiritual dimension can be the root cause of 80% of our life’s problems.

For a common man in trouble, if this aspect is not taken into account in finding the root cause of his issues in life, then he/she is potentially missing out on 80% of the required information.

Here comes in the most important aspect of Cow urine therapy:

The research shows that there is, in fact, an X-factor above and beyond Cow urine’s chemical composition that actually makes it special as a spiritual healing tool. It was found that this chemical composition has no relevance to Cow urine’s healing ability.

The following are few details with regard to Gomutra and its spiritual properties.

  • Ability to attract Divine Consciousness compared to other inanimate objects used for spiritual healing.

While all the above inanimate objects are able to attract divine consciousness or Chaitanya, it is only Gomutra that has the ability to attract up to 5% of the frequencies of all the Deities in the universe.
As a result, any discharges or by-products such as milk, Gomutra (cow’s urine) and cow dung inherit these frequencies and are considered sattvik/ pure.

  • The Deity in the universe that is associated with Cow urine or Gomutra is the Datta principle–Sri Gurudev Datta.One of the functions of the Datta principle is to protect against problems caused due to departed ancestors.
  • Gomutra signifies Shakti (Divine Energy). Therefore Cow urine is the best remedy for spiritual or divine healing needed in cases where medical science remains unsuccessful.

When to use Cow urine / Gomutra?

The maximum effect is seen especially when the root cause of a problem is spiritual in nature, such as a skin rash caused by negative energies.

Severe rashes subside immediately with Gomutra (Purified cow’s urine)

SSRF recommends that Gomutra should be used on a daily basis with one of the methods given below;

How to use Cow Urine?

Gomutra can be used in the following ways as a spiritual healing remedy.

  • Directly application of concentrated Cow urine on an affected body part.
  • Oral consumption of a small amount of Gomutra diluted in water.
  • Gomutra mixed with water can be sprinkled around the house for spiritual purification of the premises.
  • A small amount of Gomutra in a bucketful of water can be used during bath for removal of negativity from our Aura.

Benefits of bathing with water mixed with cow urine

Preparation of Cow urine for spiritual healing

In order to ensure that the cow’s urine is spiritually potent, the following are some of the things one needs to keep in mind.

  • Type of cow: The type of cow that the urine is collected from has to be an Indian cow. The main reason for this is the spiritual purity of India.  In India, there is an innate understanding from time immemorial that the cow has the ability to attract Divine Frequencies and hence it is treated with reverence.

In other countries, the cow is viewed primarily for its ability to provide milk and when that is over, it is slaughtered. Such treatment has reduced the cow’s spiritual capability in those countries to a negligible amount.

  • Treatment of the cow: Depending on how well the cow is treated at the physical, a mental and spiritual level significantly affects the spiritual potency of the Gomutra.

A Cow should be provided with pure, healthy saatwik food, she should always be kept clean and in a hygienic environment, she should be allowed to move and not tied at just one place, spiritual chants should be played in the area where she resides.  She should be treated with due respect just like a family member or as our dearest pet.

  • Shelf life of Gomutra: The shelf life of Gomutra from a chemical composition point of view is generally 6 months. However, its spiritual healing properties last for approximately 5 years.

Cow Urine Side Effects

Perhaps the only disadvantage of the intake of Cow urine as a spiritual healing remedy is at the psychological level. People may feel uncomfortable with the fact that it is urine or could be disturbed by its smell or taste. However, the advantages of using Cow Urine/ Gomutra far outweigh the disadvantages.

There is one more reason to switch to right Cow Urine therapy for a safe and divine way to be treated/cured/healed;

Please read this recent post by

Please help us to spread the message of Mr Ramadhar Shrivastav.

He is from Bhopal – a city whose name will forever be linked with the world’s worst industrial accident. An explosion at the Union Carbide plant caused a gas leak that killed an estimated 25,000 people, campaigners say.

Five years ago, he suffered a heart attack and went to the Bhopal Memorial Hospital. He does not read English, and last year a journalist noted that his discharge paper

showed that he was part of a trial by the British company Astra Zeneca on a drug being tested for patients with ACS (acute coronary syndrome).
MrShrivastav claims the drug has affected him badly and he now cannot work and look after his family.

His message is

“Please don’t do these trials on poor people. Rich people can overcome these problems but if I can’t work, the whole family suffers. Why did they choose us? They should have tested it on themselves.”

 * * *

Indian soil has been the source of the most ancient & effective science of healing – Ayurveda …….! Cow urine therapy is a significant part of Ayurveda. The only thing that we need to cultivate within us is a firm faith in our ancient healing techniques which would only promote “JOYFUL STATUS UPDATES” on Facebook’s, twitters or .com’s.

A choice is ours ……!

Compiled and Presented by

Miss Meeta Jain

Glory to Mother Cow

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  1. hari gupta says:

    i had a dream to start taking cow urine i was having feverish feeling for the last ten years evenings used to terrifying me i started tsaking cow ark of patanjali just in seven days my temperature and feeling of cold has gone thanks to this unique and unparallel medicine

  2. satyendrasinh parmar says:

    consume gaumutra of indian cows like Gir cow. Because indian cows are the only cow having huge hump whereas it is absent in jerssey cow. The sun rays (surya kiran) enter through this hump into the surya naali inside indian cow which increases the medicinal and spiritual values of cow milk as well as urine.

  3. dr.jacob says:

    It is really sad to note that we have forgotten the traditional systems,no wonder our older generations who lived in villages and who tendered cattles lived a longer and healthier life.



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