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Insomnia(or sleeplessness): Desi Ghee can do wonders

I am 38 years old suffering from chronic problem of insomnia. Various allopathic and homeopathic medicines could not help me get rid of my problem and trying things like low intensity bedroom light, changing of pillows and bedding were simply useless.

I had become completely depended on sleeping pills for last 5 years now. No doubt the relief was symptomatic and I faced sluggishness and laziness during the day. It felt like hell and was desperate to search for solution.

Then as luck would have it I came across the site vedicgiftshop.com. I had the opportunity to learn about the benefits of cow’s desi ghee. It said that if cow’s ghee (clarified butter) is rubbed on the soles of feet at night before going to bed, relaxes body and mind inducing a good night’s sleep in a person.

Cow Ghee

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At first I was apprehensive and kept thinking ‘how come ghee rubbed on soles induce sleep?’ but since I had tried so many other things I thought I might give it a try as well. So I ordered for pure desi ghee (Pure Desi Ghee) as they are quality products prepared from indigenous breed of cow, the Gir Breed.

I started using the ghee. After using for 15 days, I experienced to my surprise that I fell asleep immediately after rubbing the ghee on my soles. I mean this was miraculous. My mornings slowly became fresh and dependence on drugs (with so many side effects) just vanished.

To add to my surprise, my face had a new glow as slowly the dark circles around the eyes and spots etc disappeared and also my eyesight showed marked improvement.

– Vandana Goel