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Cow Urine Remedies

Hoe Remedies from Cow Urine for General Diseases

Cow urine contains carbolic acid, which is a germicide. Thus it adds to purification and cleanliness. In ancient scriptures the cow urine is said to be holy and purifactory, from this point of view. In modern light cow urine contains Nitrogen, Phosphate, Urea, Urine acid, Potassium and Sodium. The months in which cow gives milk, the cow urine contains Lactose which is very beneficial for heart and brain disorders. Gold salts are also present, which are elixirs.

Some Precaution while taking Go Mutra medicine

The cow; whose urine is used must be disease free and young ie, the one which hasn’t given birth to a calf. The best quality cow urine is the one where cows can reach natural vegetation as food from forest areas and ridges. Cow urine should be filtered 7 times through clean cotton cloth which has been folded four times and taken empty stomach in morning. Remember the best results are obtained by taking fresh cow urine collected 47 min before drinking purpose otherwise it is fit for external USE ONLY. Nothing should be eaten within one hour of taking cow urine. While giving cow urine to breast fed children, mother should also be given the cow urine. During monthly periods the women get peace and strength by taking cow urine. Generally an adult can take around 100 ml of cow urine daily.

Use of Cow Urine in different diseases:

  1. Patients of constipation should take filtered cow urine more than two times daily to cleanse stomach.
  2. Soak Harad (English: Chebulic myrobalan, Latin: Teminalia chebula Retz) powder in cow urine. Heat it on low flame. When water evaporates and powder remains then it can be used as a remedy for constipation in case who cannot use cow urine directly.
  3. In diseases like old fever, jaundice, swelling etc mix cow urine with Kiratatikta (English: Chiretta, Latin: Swertia chirayita) and water. Take this mixture for seven days every morning and evening.
  4. In diseases like cough, asthma, cold etc. direct use of cow urine removes cough immediately and gives comforts.
  5. In jaundice, drinking cow urine filtered through cloth, empty stomach every morning gives relief in one month.
  6. In case of children’s dry cough, filtered cow urine mixed with tamarind powder can be given for quick relief.
  7. Jalodar (water retention) patients should take cow’s milk and side by side cow urine mixed with honey to get relief.
  8. According to Charak; fine iron powder should be soaked in cow urine and taken with milk gives quick relief in Jaundice. This preparation should be nicely filtered before intake.
  9. In case of swelling of body only milk should be taken along with cow urine side by side.
  10. By taking cow urine added with rock salt and mustard powder cures stomach diseases.
  11. In case of burning sensation of eyes, constipation, bodily laziness and dislike of food cow urine with sugar should be taken.
  12. In case of itching, boils, vicharchika cow urine mixed with amba haldi (English: Mango ginger or Cochin ginger, Latin: Curcuma amada) should be taken.
  13. Cow urine is very beneficial in case of Suva disease in females after delivery.
  14. In case of skin disease especially leucoderma, apply mixture of Hartal , Bakuchi (English: Psoralea seeds, Latin: Psoralia corylifolia) and Malankangani (English: Staff tree, Latin: Celastrus panniculatus) in cow urine. Make a paste and apply over the diseased part of skin.
  15. In case of ear pain and other diseases drops of warm cow urine may be put in ear.
  16. In case of itching, massage with cow urine and take bath with cow urine after that.
  17. Mix powdered krishna jirak (English: Black cummin, Black caraway, Latin: Carum Bulbocastanum, Carum Carvi) with cow urine. Use this for massage then take cow urine bath, it cures all skin diseases especially a sure shot remedy for itching.
  18. Heat a brick and then wet it in cow urine immediately. Wrap the warm brick in a cloth and put it over swollen liver or spleen. It is beneficial. Their is a saying in Bengali:- Livaray pidaya kim dukha pave mati hin vaidya! Gomutrena sek dav sukha pave sadhya!! Meaning only a foolish doctor cannot cure pain of liver. Give heat fomentation of cow urine you will be relieved immediately.
  19. If cow urine is taken empty stomach filarial (elephantiasis) disease is cured.
  20. Salts of cow urine are beneficial in Urinary bladder outflow obstruction and to balance movements of airs (vat rog) within body.
  21. Hairs become beautiful on applying cow urine on hair and massaging with it and keeping it for some time. Then hair should be washed with water
  22. Taking cow urine mixed with old jaggery, tamarind power is beneficial in ring worm, leprosy, and elephantiasis.
  23. Taking castor oil with cow urine for a month cures arthritis and other joint pains.
  24. Cow urine mixed with saffron should be given every morning and evening to children suffering from rickets (sukha rog) for one month.
  25. In case of itching, cow urine with crushed neem (English: Neem tree, Margosa tree, Latin: Azadirachta Indica, Melia Azedarach) leaves should be applied on affected parts.
  26. Tuberculosis patient is very much benefited just by smelling cow urine and cow dung, as the smell itself destroys the tuberculosis germs. Thus he may be put in cowshed and his cot should be washed with cow urine again and again.
  27. In case of ring warm, grind leaves of Dhatura (English: Thorn apple, Latin: Datura metel) and boil it in cow urine till it becomes thick. Apply it on affected parts.
  28. If hairs of head or other parts of body fall due to typhoid or use of any medicines, then a paste made as follows should be applied. First put fine Tobacco powder in cow urine. Leave it for ten days. In ten days it becomes like paste. On applying paste to area, where hairs have fallen off hairs will grow again. One can use it over the head also.